Max Damage and the Alien Attack

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a unique arcade type of pokie game. Fans of arcade games will be enthralled with this new game from Microgaming. The game gets rid of typical pokie features such as wild symbols and scatter symbols and, most notably, the reels. In their place are many other choices and options, creating a much more interactive game than you commonly find with pokies. As is typical with arcade games, the Max Damage pokie game is vertically oriented so that the alien spacecraft advanced downwards to the player’s ship.

Max Damage Pokie

The aim of the Max Damage pokie is to kill all enemy spaceships. There are nine levels in the game and each time you destroy the enemies, you will move up to the next level. Enemy spaceships will fly onto the screen and attack your space base. They may fly randomly towards you or a number of them may fly in formation to attack. They will shoot at you or simply aim to collide with you in order to destroy you.

There are different rewards for each of the nine levels in the Max Damage pokie game. Each enemy spaceship you shoot will be worth a random number of points so the more spaceships you destroy, the more points you will earn. Level boss ships that appear at the end of levels 3, 6 and 9 will be worth extra points when you kill them. Some levels may offer free rewards which will play similarly to free spins in that you will be able to kill the enemy at no cost to you.

Throughout the Max Damage pokie game you will have six lives. You can continue playing until all your lives have been lost. During the course of the game you will be able to improve the health of your ship with Shields and Health Boosters. You can also collect weapon upgrades or extra ammunition that will help you destroy enemy ships. Some examples of these freebies include wormholes, nukes and firepower upgrades.

There is a leaderboard in the Max Damage pokie game that displays the names and dates of the top players. If you manage to destroy the boss ship in level nine you will find yourself ranked on the leaderboard according to score. This unique type of pokie game from Microgaming is certainly worth a try and you can give it a go for free at

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